What Is Health Coaching and What Do Health Coaches Do?

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Do you have time to be sick?

The pressures of modern day living, balancing a busy work schedule and responsibilities with home and family responsibilities can often lead to our health slipping down the list of priorities. While this is completely understandable, too many busy people never get round to eating healthy foods or taking regular exercise, until illness forces then to stop and take stock.

Daily life often consists of a series of habits. Activities and tasks we do on a daily basis, often without thinking about it. These things are so routine and automatic, that it becomes part of what we do. Some of these habits are going to be really good things that will serve you well. Others will be habits that won’t be helping you be the best version of yourself you can be. Poor lifestyle habits recurring everyday for years could eventually catch-up with you, resulting in some form of illness which could prevent you doing the things you want to do.

For many successful people, change only comes when a doctor tells them that they have to change if they want to continue living.

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Changing life-style habits isn’t easy and obviously requires some form of commitment and motivation to change. With an obesity crisis occurring in many western countries, losing weight is a common health goal. Focusing on a healthier diet that includes superfoods and supergreens such as chlorella helps here. Other goals include reducing stress; giving up bad habits and preventing major illness like heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Most people struggle with maintaining healthy habits. While they set off with the best intentions, sustaining a new way of eating or doing exercise can often full by the wayside, and it’s no wonder as we live in a world where selling food and drink is big business and manufacturers are all too keen to tempt us with expensive advertising campaigns and ‘Buy One Get One Free Offers.’

The good news is that there’s plenty of people around who have successfully incorporated healthy habits into their lives, and many of them have done so with the help of coaching. Whether you want to prevent illness; improve the way you eat; give up some bad habits; exercise more or reduce stress, health coaching uses proven strategies and techniques to enhance your well being and help you achieve your specific health-related goals.

While good health underpins everything, it’s amazing how easy it is to get into bad habits which work against you. Habits which if continued over time will lead illness, not necessarily major illnesses, but minor problems which affect your day-to-day life.

The situation is made worse by the fact that the media is full of ‘health advice’ which is often confusing and conflicting, so it’s no wonder why many people give up trying and stick to the old habits.

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The good news is that if you are committed to change, with the correct advice and support, taking the first steps can be easier than you may think, and if you keep taking baby steps, over time you will experience quite a dramatic improvement in how you feel which will have a knock on effect to every aspect of your life.

A health coach is your personal health cheerleader, guide and partner. They help you implement lifestyle changes to improve your physical health. The service is often available through corporate wellness programs. Your doctor may also recommend health coaching if you have a chronic health issue like diabetes.

Healthy living focuses on tips and practical ways you can optimise your health. Living a healthy life requires balance – a good diet, appropriate exercise, emotional stabliity, good habits, the right amount of sleep etc.