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Who Uses Coaching?

Do you make these mistakes at home and work? Do you work at a job or apply for jobs because they’re available, they’re safe? Do you wonder what the first step is to get to your dream and never feel sure enough to start? Do you worry about offending people or appearing selfish and so you hide your own needs away?

My clients have made these mistakes and more. But they’ve all learned that coaching is for people who want to improve their lives. My clients are smart, creative, “thinking-out-of-the-box” kind of people. They want a coach who’ll collaborate with them to get where they want to go faster than they would on their own. They want unconditional support and the structure of accountability to someone who holds their dreams as sacred as they do.

Whether it’s a young mother with a two year old in tow who’s looking to create a home-based business, a 32 year old man who hasn’t yet found a career that feels like a right fit, or a 55 year old executive who is looking for a new career direction, these people are some of my most favorite clients.

They’re all looking for a fresh start. They’ve outgrown their previous career lives and want a new career direction or a business to launch. The process for each will have common threads — a focus on work and life that is fulfilling, sustainable and authentically successful. I also work with people who’ve stalled out on a creative project, such as writing and publishing a book. I’ve published myself and I know the ropes. I’ve successfully guided others to getting published.

Tired of What You’ve Been Doing?

No matter how successful you’ve been, sometimes you just get tired of what you have been doing. Perhaps the company’s been sold several times. Maybe you’ve been shuffled to a different department. Or a different boss. It could be that you’ve been through a Doom Loop as Dr. Dory Hollander calls it – once upon a time you enjoyed what you did and were good at it. But now you’ve drifted into not enjoying the work – nor being interested in it more.

I can help you see why convincing yourself that you should stay on because of your golden handcuffs could be detrimental to your health, happiness and ultimate livelihood. Instead of dreading each day, explore capstone career opportunities that will energize you and give you a new lease on your work life.

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Lost Your Job or Career?

Have you recently lost your career or job due to downsizing, outsourcing or other 21st Century events? You’ve watched it happened to other people and now it’s caught up to you — your job or career path or both have dried up. Seemingly, there’s no turning back. You’re stumped about what to do now. All the strategies that have worked for you in the past, no longer seem to lead anywhere.

You’re scared you might have to start all over again. You tell yourself, “I’m not as young as I used to be. I’ve now got serious obligations — a family, a mortgage, college funds.” It’s embarrassing. You used to call the shots. People reported to you. You had prestige, a place in your organization, your community. Now you feel at a loss. Where do you turn? What do you do?

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Have heart. I’ve successfully worked with people just like you for more than 20 years. While the timing may not be just right by your standards — this is an opportunity for you to start afresh. That doesn’t mean starting at the bottom. It means building a new future for yourself on the foundation of the past. Mother nature offers a positive example here. The human brain is built upon the reptilian brain and the mammalian brain. In the same way — what’s next for you may well have seeds in the past. But you need an objective partner to help you see how to build effectively on your past successes.

Want to Become an Entrepreneur?

Have you thought about becoming an entrepreneur, but don’t know where to start? Fortunately, we live at a time when so many technologies, communication devices and opportunities are open to us. We hear about people creating businesses on their dining room tables or in their spare bedrooms or in their garages. We’re in an ocean of books about Internet startups, franchises, word of mouth marketing.


You want a piece of this action — but where do you start? How do you know what business idea is best for you? How do you overcome the fear you feel when you think about stepping out on your own? I offer you a structured program, designed to have you build a business based on your own passions, purpose and values. A business that’s sustainable because it has a strong foundation in seven key entrepreneurial skills of:

  • Building vision, faith and commitment
  • Utilizing your strengths
  • Creating a niche
  • Planning and follow-through
  • Engaging risk and reality
  • Partnering
  • Negotiating

Other Individuals I Serve

As you can see, I coach people in a wide variety of situations and business and personal needs. Here are several more groups of people I work with:

  • Those with vision for a creative endeavor such as a book who are looking for inspiration, support and direction.
  • People recovering from health challenges who want a new lease on life.
  • Recent retirees or those considering retirement in the future.
  • Trailing spouses.
  • Recently promoted individuals.
  • People looking for a “thinking partner” who believes in them as they venture into their uniquely defined fresh start.

Interested? Want to know more about how I can coach you to success? Contact me any time!